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Amnesty Generator 1.50

Easily convert millions of web widgets, games and videos

Amnesty Generator 1.0 is an easy to use, boundless widget or gadget generator. This little program make effortlessly to have every internet widget on your own computer.
Amnesty Generator works flawless with a bunch of sites, sites where you can grab widget for your computer, like YouTube, which with Amnesty Generator you may create a widget fo every single video. This video will be streamed from YouTube, so there is no need to download it. Grazr is another site which is available for you in the site list within Amnesty Generator.

Amnesty Generator 1.0 is very simple. With only three steps in the process you are able to have thousand of possibilities. First, you have to select the site from which you are going to base your widget. Second, you enter the HTML code for that specific widget, (it usually is a bounch of letters and indications with numbers and symbols) and copy it to Amnesty Generator. And finally if it is ok, the program will give you some information in the main window, like the height and width of your widget, the name, and the identifier. If you get thees information, you are all done and you will only have to click the generate button and it will generate it for you and display it in your Dashboard (Mac).

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  • The program contains a list of places where you can pick widgets


  • Some widgets you may find are not supported
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